Expoformat provides a comprehensive service for trade fair stands in Poland and abroad. We offer a wide range of stands created in different technologies. Thanks to our technical infrastructure and team we can easily adapt to the space, budget and nature of the fairs.

We provide our services comprehensively. We design fair and exhibition stands of various types. We build and provide full logistics service during the fairs. Stand construction is our specialty. We offer our design, production and logistics studio. We also own a large-format printing house and provide all assistance and support through the process. We help with all formalities related to the organization of the fair stands.

Quality of services is our focus. We always try to adapt to the individual needs of the client.

Fair stands

Trade fairs, conferences and various business events are a great opportunity to present the brand and the company. When you are exhibiting on any trade show it’s crucial to have your brand presented in a proper and professional way. That requires a fair stand that will not only be professionally made, but also memorable for all visitors.

A professional fair stand is a good start but doesn’t mean it’s all you need. For branding to be effective, the exhibitor should also take care of its equipment and service. The full package is what really matters. That’s why it’s best to use our services. We have been specializing in this industry for years. We provide comprehensive exhibitor service from design, through construction and assembly, to full logistics service during the fairs. Each exhibitor has the opportunity to take advantage of our unique offer, focused on his needs.

Construction of exhibition stands

We build exhibition stands using various technologies and materials. All our projects are unique and unrepeatable. We approach each project individually, paying attention to the company’s profile and the nature of the fairs. We focus on modern solutions and high-quality materials. We participate in trade fairs throughout Europe, from where we draw inspiration regarding exhibition trends. We are able to build any type of stand in any part of the EU. We also build certified multi-story constructions. Regardless of what we do, we always focus on customer needs. Our specialists develop the entire concept with utmost care, create the project and prepare 3D visualizations.

The presentation of the exhibitor’s offer depends largely on the configuration of the exhibition stand. That is why the selection of appropriate materials is so important. Depending on the demand, we create row row, corner, front/peninsula and island stands.

Our services are comprehensive, which means that in addition to the construction of the exhibition stand, we provide its equipment and service.

Individual fair stands

We are able to create proprietary stands on the basis of an individual project. Even those using unusual elements and materials. The nature of the decor is consistent with 3D visualization, which is discussed with the client at the design stage. We always create and assemble the stand on time.

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Exhibition stands in the world

As one of the few Polish companies dealing with fairs, we offer comprehensive services in an international environment. We help in all formalities related to the organization of the booth at selected fairs. We build fair stands in Vietnam, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

Market stalls Vietnam

The most prestigious trade fair in the food industry is organized in Vietnam: Food & Hotel Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City 2019, where you can meet lovers of good food and hoteliers from around the world.

There are many other events at the Vietnam trade fair, such as design, interior and handmade items: Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair 2019, 2019 Vietnam International Screen Printing & Digital Printing Technology Exhibition ASGA. Expo Top Thai Brands, in turn, are so-called Thai week, which has been organized for 16 years and has become one of the most prestigious events in the industry.

Dubai market stands

Business life is flourishing in Dubai, which is why this country is even created to organize fairs in various industries. Exhibition stands as the main tool of direct marketing are therefore very desirable. The largest trade fairs in the hotel industry are organized in Dubai. Usually, about 600 exhibitors from 85 countries appear there, presenting the latest innovations and products in the field of technology, lighting and security. That is why it is worth thinking about a professional exhibition stand in advance

Hong Kong fair stands

Hong Kong trade fairs are as prestigious as those in Dubai. Companies and small enterprises dealing with the use of modern medical technologies will definitely want to have their stand at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical and Health Care Fair. Jewelry manufacturers will be interested in the UBM September Hong Kong Jewelery & Gem Fair. Last year, 3690 exhibitors from 57 countries took part in them. The jewelery fair was visited by 60,000 guests from all over the world. The exhibition space of the fair – in two facilities – took over 135 thousand square meters. The event was visited by almost 60,000 guests from all over the world.

Hong Kong is the most important place for companies from the jewelry sector. Friendly law allows buyers from every country to sell freely. The location of Hong Kong, in turn, will allow entering the Chinese market, but also will give the chance to conquer all of Asia.

fair stands

Trade fairs equipment

Display advertising

The exhibition stand should stand out from the competition. Design consistent with branding and attention to every detail are important. We have experience in the market and we know how to effectively build our stands and what should be on their equipment. With our clients in mind, we manufacture advertising displays individually designed to meet their needs.

Consistent branding and aesthetics of the stand will make the company gain more potential customers. We manufacture displays from various materials – cardboard, plexiglass, wood, metal and others. We equip them with freely prepared branding, as well as functional and electrical elements.

Screens, multimedia, media projectors

We offer monitors and TVs in every dimension. We specialize in installing seamless screens – free-standing and built-in ones. All configurations are possible – we will advise and install according to customer preferences. Our services are comprehensive. We offer sound system, multimedia projectors and professional stage lighting. We have experience in making suspended constructions. We make suspended tensioning systems with fabric, unilaterally or bilaterally, with any company logos. We also have laptops and tablets at our clients’ disposal, which we place on special stands and displays.